Support to enterprises

The CDE offers a broad range of assistance for the creation and strengthening of ACP enterprises.

Support for the creation, expansion, diversification and/or restructuring of ACP enterprises :

  • project engineering ;
  • studies (pre-feasibility and feasibility) ;
  • market studies ;
  • search for technologies ;
  • identification of business partners ;
  • financial engineering ;
  • project implementation.

Support for the long-term viability of existing enterprises :

  • technical assistance specific to management ;
  • marketing assistance ;
  • personnel training;
  • diagnostic studies and audits (technical, financial and management) ;
  • specific technical assistance (quality management/certification, labels, standards, protection of the environment).

Support to service providers

The CDE also offers support to the service providers of the ACP private sector - consultants, advisory companies, finance institutions - in order to strengthen their capacities and improve the quality of the services they provide to enterprises.

  • specific training for consultants in the evaluation and preparation of projects from ACP enterprises for presentation to funding agencies;
  • additional technical training of consultants;
  • establishing contacts with other advisory companies;
  • management assistance.