Governance structure

Supervisory authorities

Under its statute, CDE's supervisory authority is the joint ACP-EU Committee of Ambassadors.

The work of the Centre is supervised by an Executive Board, appointed by the joint ACP-EU Committee of Ambassadors.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed, on the principle of parity, of three EU and three ACP members.

The European Commission has observer status, together with the EU Council Secretariat, the ACP Secretariat, and the European Investment Bank.

Several functions, previously in the remit of the Committee of Ambassadors, have been entrusted to the Executive Board:

  • Laying down the rules and regulations of the CDE
  • Presentation of the CDE's overall strategy for approval to the Committee of Ambassadors
  • Supervision of the CDE's activities
  • Adoption of the work programme and budget
  • Submit reports and periodic evaluation to the Committee of Ambassadors.

The Executive Board, therefore, has responsibility and is accountable to CDE stakeholders in the execution of its mandate.

CDE Management

The CDE is managed by a Director, supported by a management team, composed of CDE Experts and Heads of regional offices.

Following CDE's restructuring and decentralisation, the management of projects and programmes is carried out by the regional offices. Only core functions such as strategic management, finance and administration, financial and internal controls, procurement, IT and communication remain at the headquarters.