Private Sector Development Programmes (PSDPs)

As part of its mandate of providing assistance in the formulation and implementation of support programmes for the private sector, co-financed by third parties, the CDE has developed a number of Private Sector Development Programmes (PSDPs) with some ACP countries or regions.

Its budget allocated for operations being limited, this is a way for the CDE to mobilise additional resources to ensure some leverage effect.

The CDE is currently running six Private Sector Development Programmes (PSDPs) on behalf of third parties.

Ongoing PSDPs
Country/region Timeline Partner's contribution CDE contribution Others
WAEMU (UEMOA) 2012-2014 € 9.7 M € 0.6 M
Botswana 2013-2015 € 2.3 M € 0.5 M € 0.358 M (Chanel Corporate Foundation)
Cameroon 2014-2016 € 2.9 M € 0.5 M € 5.5 M
Rep. of Congo 2013-2015 € 4 M € 1.1 M
Cote d'Ivoire 2014-2016 € 3.8 M € 0.5 M
Haiti 2014-2016 € 0.523 M € 0.544 M

The main sources of funding are the following:

  1. EDF (NIPs and RIPs), (Botswana, Haiti, Republic of Congo),
  2. Regional organisations (WAEMU),
  3. Governments (Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire),
  4. Private and institutional donors (Chanel Corporate Foundation, etc.).

For the signed PSDPs, operations are on-going or at the stage of setting up the Programme Management Units (PMUs).

Thus, the CDE is active in public-private partnerships and blending public and private funds.

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