With 3% of the ACP's population and 11% of its GDP, the Caribbean is a diverse region, with a number of countries that have fairly large populations, such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti or Jamaica, and several micro-states where income per capita varies considerably from one island to another.

CDE Regional Office

Head of Regional Office: 
Edificio Centro de Exportación e Inversión (CEI-RD) Avenida 27 de Febrero, esq. Avenida Luperón Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
+1 809 473 91 69
+1 809 531 28 32



  • Document (Success story)
    Mango is an important export product for the Dominican Republic. In 2009, the country sold mangoes and derived products to the EU for an amount of about €5 million. However, the production season coincides with the summer months in the EU and the USA, when other varieties of fruit are also...
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    Root and tuber crops are an important staple for most Caribbean islands. However, the impact of disease and pests on productivity is on-going since diseased planting material is used in the replication process. Initiatives are in place in each island, but with little opportunity to share...
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    Energy cost is a major element affecting the running costs of hotels in the Caribbean due to the region’s dependence on imported fuels for electricity generation and dependence on fossil fuels often subject to volatile prices. The energy matrix of the Caribbean is 90% composed of fossil fuels. High...
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    CDE Powerpoint Presentation to the Green Growth Investment Workshop - The Way Forward An initiative of the Embassy of the OECS and the OECS Secretariat20-21 September 2012Bay Gardens Hotel, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia
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    Powerpoint presentation of CDE’s Programme of Support "Caribbean Fine Flavour Cocoa Industry Commercialisation" (CAR/0808/R03/FO). Implementation phase.


  • Caribbean Chocolate Makers in Belgium
    A group of six chocolate manufacturers and chocolatiers from the Caribbean received advanced training in Belgium, in the framework of a CDE-supported project, on 4-10 September 2013. This course is part of the 3-year project "Caribbean Fine Flavour Cocoa Industry Commercialisation", managed by the...