Annual Report 2007


The Centre's activities in 2007 included implementation of the following programmes:
• Competitiveness enhancement of SMEs/SMIs (West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa and the Caribbean)
• Improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the ecotourism sector (Southern Africa, East Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean)
• Developing sub-contracting and maintenance in the infrastructure sector (West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa)
• Promoting fair trade cotton and finished textile products (West Africa, East Africa)
• ICT - Information and communication technologies (West Africa, East Africa)
• Promotion of aquaculture (East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa and Central Africa)
• Sustainable forest management and timber processing (Central Africa and West Africa)
• Investment facility (West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa)

The implementation of these sector programmes, aimed at groups of enterprises and business organisations, was complemented by activities to assist individual enterprises. In so doing, the CDE is able to retain an approach of assisting single initiatives, so adding to its know-how and laying the ground for identifying new programmes in due course.

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