Annual Report 2009


Among the key events of 2009 were the CDE’s restructuring with a view to reducing its operating costs, the consolidation of its strategy of support for the private sector and the annual meeting of its European Institutional Network (EIN) in October 2009, in Florence (Italy).

In spite of the painful nature of the abolition of certain posts, the Board of Directors and management thank the persons affected by the restructuring for their contribution to the Centre’s results and achievements.

At operational level, the regionalisation process was continued by delegating additional powers to the regional offices and enhancing their autonomy of action. All management procedures were also successfully overhauled. The transition to the International Public Service Accounting Standards (IPSAS) was also prepared. With the assistance of specialists, public procurement procedures, internal control, management and risk control, as well as external audits were updated.

The programme approach was confirmed as the Centre’s preferred mode of intervention, in the interests of ensuring the suitability of its strategy to the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) being negociated between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) regions. The aim is to support the competitiveness of enterprises and capacity-building for Intermediary Organisations in order to facilitate access by these enterprises to regional and international markets and the integration of the economies of the ACP States in the global economy.

The CDE also developed a model Programme of Support for Private Sector Development (PSPSD) in a number of ACP countries and regions. Its effort culminated with the signature of assistance agreements and the launch of negotiations with various development partners.

In an environment that is now more serene, the CDE will continue to make a significant contribution to the development of the ACP States by strengthening the private sector, the driver of all sustainable economic growth.

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