Briquetting of vegetal residues


This technical handbook is designed as an orientation guide.  It aims to help entrepreneurs in ACP countries (Africa, the Caribbean islands and the Pacific) to carry out an initial study for a biomass briquetting project (agricultural, agro-industrial, forestry or wood industry residues).

It describes the practical experience already gained in the developing countries (apart from Asia), and goes on to consider the key factors of a briquetting project: raw materials, techniques and particularly consumer markets. These are presented in the form of a questionnaire containing all the necessary criteria for broadly evaluating the potential of a briquetting project. The purpose of the questionnaire is to provide a checklist for the entrepreneur to help them to decide whether the project is potentially attractive.

The handbook is supplemented by a list of European manufacturers recommended on the basis of their technology, know-how and service.Our objective was to make this handbook as clear as possible and to indicate the essential factors for each of the areas considered. If, after initial analysis, a briquetting project proves to be potentially worthwhile, it will then be helpful to call on specialized organizations or firms to assist entrepreneurs in carrying out the entire industrial program and in evaluating the technical, economic and financial feasibility of the project.