Exporting sea products


The market for sea products in the European Union offers enormous potential for producers in third countries. The EU constitutes the largest market and importing region in the world. The EU as a whole is open to an infinite range of raw and processed sea products.

  • Live: large crustaceans (lobster, spiny lobster), shellfish, some freshwater fish (carp).
  • Fresh and chilled: all whole fish, gutted and not depending on species, or filleted; shellfish removed from shells, fish roe.
  • Deep-frozen/frozen: (block, interleaved, IQF): whole, fish gutted or filleted, cephalopods, crustaceans in their shells or as shell meat, certain shellfish removed from or in their shells, fish roe.
  • Canned and semi-canned: blue fish (tuna, sardine, pilchard) and others, crustacean meat, cephalopods.
  • Dried, salted, smoked: whole fish gutted or filleted, fish roe.
  • Chilled, deep-frozen/frozen, canned preparations: marinades, ready-cooked meals, snacks, etc.

Throughout Europe, sea products have an attractive image as healthy foods, helping to meet consumers' concerns about a healthy diet.

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