Guide to mineral exploration - metallic minerals


Mining plays a vitally important role in many ACP economies. It acts as the backbone to economic development and is responsible for making a significant contribution to GDP and foreign exchange earnings. Currently, Africa has the fastest growing mineral exploration sectors in the world, and countries in the Caribbean and Pacific countries are experiencing increased levels of activity and interest in mining. Even though mining plays such an important part in ACP economic development, much of the region's mineral resources remain untapped. This can in-part be overcome through continued exploration for new mineral deposits.

The CDE and the EU have held a number of major mining sector meetings. At these events, a large number of the African participants identified the strong need for a comprehensive guide to the principles of modern exploration for metallic minerals.

The guide is designed to give a general overview of issues related to mineral exploration. It will assist those people wishing to enter the mining business to gain a better understanding of the risks, rewards and time required to develop a mineral deposit. For those already involved, it will act as a reference guide.