Packaging of fruit juice and non-carbonated fruit drinks


This document is intended for all manufacturers, investors, production or maintenance directors, economists, etc., who intend to develop a new method of packaging fruit juices, uncarbonated fruit drinks, or non-alcoholic fruit drinks.

The document explains the different possibilities for packaging, their respective cost and corresponding investment, as well as useful information resources for the efficient development of the project.

Twenty-one different types of packaging are individually introduced ; this list is not exhaustive, the world of packaging being in constant evolution.

A classification has been made according to the cost of investment of each packaging machine and according to the packaging cost.

Here are some questions, that this guide seeks to answer:

  • Which type of packaging to choose?
  • Which is the best suited to the market?
  • Which is the least expensive?
  • How long must the juice be conserved?
  • What will be the initial investment and equipment costs?
  • Whom to contact?