Purchasing industrial equipment


The acquisition of equipment or of a small industrial facility may seem relatively simple for professional buyers who, in addition to their own skills, can rely upon logistic back-up ranging from a design office to that of a legal advisor or financial, transport departments, etc.

For ACP operators, the task is more difficult, as you do not have such a structured administrative environment and as there are few publications available to guide the non-professional through the intricacies of foreign trade know-how.

Hence, this document, in the form of a handbook, which should allow you to find the answers to your particular ACP contractor-operator's situation.

The purpose of this mainly purchase-oriented guide is to be an indispensible aid for the purchase function within the limits of equipment purchase or of a small industrial operation (e.g. purchase of a pump, of a compressor, or design and construction of a canning or textile plant, etc.).

This work has been drawn up in the simplest possible way, and we hope it will be useful with any further purchase.