Shrimp farming in tropical zones


Aquafarming stations provide 20 to 25 % of the world production of sea shrimps. More than fifty countries, most of which in the tropical zones, are involved in this activity. The Asian continent alone accounts for more than 75 % of the shrimps marketed around the world, the rest being provided mainly by Latin America.

Among the first five producers are four countries of Asia and one of Latin America. 

Except for Madagascar, Africa is the great absent of the aquafarming production despite recognised potentialities in Western and Eastern Africa. Let us mention such countries as Mozambique and Tanzania for the Eastern coast and Guinea Conakry and Senegal for the Western coast.

The realisation of an aquafarming project is dependent at first upon the selection of the right site and then upon certain technical options, in the following chronological order:

  • selecting the species to be farmed
  • selecting a farming method.