Small bakeries and the use of local cereals in ACP countries


Who is this guide for?

This guide is intended for:

  • bakery professionals in ACP countries, who will find useful tools in it for rationalising and diversifying their businesses;
  • promoters of bakery projects in ACP countries, who will find in it the necessary details for the design, organisation and operation of an economically and financially profitable unit.

What is this guide for?

Setting up and running a bakery is a complex and delicate business. It requires knowledge and attitudes that are described disparately and often in too specialised a manner in reference books. In the ACP countries, scientific and technical information circulates poorly and is often inaccessible to private promoters. Furthermore, the use of local cereals and legumes involves specific techniques, which are not always dealt with in such reference books. It was therefore thought appropriate to produce a guide intended for professionals or bakery project promoters, to enable them to make money by playing an effective part in the promotion of local products.

This guide is intended as an essential vademecum in all stages from design to implementation of the bakery project. It will be particularly useful for:

  • identification of the project
  • design
  • introduction of the technical and human resources
  • day-to-day operation
  • diversification/modernisation of activities.

How is this guide structured?

The guide attempts to meet three major requirements:

  • rationalisation of the operation of existing units,
  • installation of suitable new, high-performance units,
  • diversification of activities by incorporating more local flours.