SMEs in the dairy industry


This brochure aims to promote the development of the dairy industry in the ACP region. It follows several missions to evaluate this industry in the late 1990s at the initiative of the CDI/CDE in fifteen ACP countries, especially in East Africa and Southern Africa.

It is mainly intended for company heads, farmers and/or processors operating on a small to medium scale, i.e. with processing capacities of between 1,000 and 50,000 litres of milk per day.

Driven by the liberalisation of the economy, milk production and processing has really taken off in many countries in recent years.

The CDI/CDE has been called upon to intervene by studying new projects (feasibility), helping companies in their start-up stage, financing experts, training production managers or company heads in Europe in specific technologies and introducing quality-improvement programmes.

However, for many dairy entrepreneurs, this is only the beginning of the path that they have embarked upon and many different problems are encountered in each company.

This guide is therefore designed as another stone in the edifice that is being constructed in numerous countries in the ACP region. It tackles problems relating to milk production.

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