Procurement principles


The budget of the CDE originates mainly from the European Development Fund (EDF). In this respect, strict management rules are applied. 

The Manual of administrative and financial procedures of the CDE explains the contractual process applying to all contracts funded under the CDE budget. It is based on the Practical guide of contractual procedures in the framework of the EU external actions (PRAG).

This Manual applies for contracts with service and goods providers, as well as with grants beneficiaries.

Principles of procurement

The following principles must be respected in the CDE procurement process:

  • Transparency
  • Proportionality
  • Equality of treatment
  • Non-discrimination of tenderers, and
  • Competition between providers.

The attribution of contracts is done through market consultations or calls for tenders. The contracts are attributed to the tenderer presenting the «best value for money».

Service contracts

Service contracts include interventions like studies or technical assistance, carried out on the basis of Terms of reference defined by the CDE. Services may be carried out by individual consultants or by companies. Contracts are attributed in a competitive manner, as follows :

  • Service contract with a value ≥ € 300.000: restricted international call for tenders.
  • Service contract with a value ≤  € 300.000 : market consultation (simplified procedure) or framework contract.
  • Service contract with a value ≤ € 20.000: negotiated procedure (mutual agreement).

Supply contracts

Supply contracts are used to purchase or rent goods. 
The procedures concerning the calls for tenders are similar to those for service markets.

Grants contracts

In the framework of its programmes, the CDE may launch calls for proposals, with a thematic or geographic scope, possibly preceded by calls for expression of interest.

In this case, following the publication of the call for proposals with the appropriate guidelines, the beneficiary submits a proposal for assistance to the CDE. This proposal is then evaluated by a project committee. In the case when it is retained, a grant is attributed to the beneficiary, who has to co-finance the proposed assistance. The grant contract covers all activities envisaged, implementation modalities and the budget.

The attribution of grants is subject to the following principles:

• programming
• transparency, and 
• equality of treatment.

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